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Our app makes it easier for you to get a ride
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A faster and simpler way to alert emergency transport during crisis

Transfer your critical information to 911
without calling

Ensure that 911 operators know who to contact and know your exact location
without a phone call, in case of an emergency

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Our app allows you to send a precomposed text message to your local emergency responders. The message includes your name, the hospital name and address and link to your current location; thus making easy for 911 or paramedics to find you without phone calls.

No. You simply need to create a profile with your email in the app, click on hospitals near you and Click the Red Cross Button.

No. The messaging systems that operators use, can't receive group messages, photos, or videos.

With the operator relying solely on what you send in the text message, you do not need to include more information in your message. Additionally, you can say what the situation is, if anyone is hurt, if it is a COVID19 situation, and so on. This helps if you can't make a voice call and would eliminate extra messages between you and the operator, saving valuable time.

If you're in an area where Youmergency isn't available, you'll receive a bounce-back message letting you know that you need to call 911. But not to worry, because the app sends the same precomposed message to a backup emergency contact. Your contact may be able to reach authorities for you.

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